About Our Studio.

“This is magic!” Angie Comiteau said to Gina Striffler and Jennifer Hedrick during a pivotal meeting where three women, and fast friends, collectively agreed to open the The Bar Method in Madison, NJ.  Angie was right – it IS Magic. Here’s why…

The partnership:  Madison’s three partners, Gina, Jen and Angie, come from steeped business and exercise backgrounds which position them well to run the studio.   Noteably,  Jen and Angie opened the Summit studio several years back which infused the Madison studio build-out and staff training with wisdom learned from their own experience.  Gina, a former Talent Development Leader at Deloitte as well as free-lance Photographer, leverages her leadership and coaching background combined with her experience as a sole proprieter to lead the daily operations as well as help shape the strategic direction of the studio.  Three is NOT a crowd in this partnership – not at all.  Each has her own strengths that collectively represent a trio of leaders who consistently strive to create a positive place where staff and clients alike feel inspired and empowered.

The brand:  The Bar Method is a force to be reckoned with.  Take ANY class and you will see an intensely trained teacher dedicated to each second of the 60 minute class to deliver a safe, challenging and rewarding exercise intended to strengthen and lengthen your entire body. There are many ‘barre exercises’ out there but none QUITE like this. You’ll see the difference right away.  The entire staff will know you by name and the inclusive, encouraging environment will become your home away from the home.  Oh, and the results…they’ll speak for themselves which is why BAR is nationally known for becoming an “addicting” yet safe workout for all ages.

The community:  Why Madison? Why NOT!  That’s actually the most magical part.  We have settled in a community that embraces local business like we’ve never seen elsewhere.  Our doors opened on October 26, 2013 to willing, open-minded and now dedicated (and firm!) women and men (yes men, came take a class with Gary, NJ’s wine connoisseur and our neighbor).  The Madison spirit is alive and well within our studio walls and we are excited to welcome many more.  Join the fun.

Angie Comiteau, Gina Striffler and Jennifer Hedrick at their Grand Opening – October 26, 2013.